UNIGIS is a network of universities co-operating in the design and delivery of part-time online distance-learning in GIS. The UNIGIS programme was founded in 1990 and currently includes sites in ten countries. At present over 1000 professionals from all over the world are following the UNIGIS programme.


UNIGIS UK, providing distance learning-based postgraduate education and training in Geographical Information Systems and Science, has been at the forefront of GIS education for over 25 years.  Our programmes support the personal development, career advancement and career change ambitions of students typically already in employment. 


UNIGIS UK is a partnership between the Division of Geography & Environmental Management at the Manchester Metropolitan University and the School of Environment and Life Sciences at Salford University.


Features of our programme include:

  • One year postgraduate certificate (PgC)
  • Two year postgraduate diploma (PgD)
  • Three year MSc
  • AGI accredited for Continuing Professional Development
  • Complete distance learning packs delivered via the WWW, including course notes, computer exercises, discussion forums, WWW links and reading materials
  • Core units and a choice of elective units to allow the course to be tailored to your interests
  • GIS software for home use provided as part of course fee - regardless of domicile
  • Optional residential workshops
  • Phone/SKYPE/email helplines
  • Key GIS texts included in course fees
  • Full access to the Universities' electronic libraries
  • Membership of the SCONUL academic libraries access system
  • Assessment by 100% coursework (no examinations)
  • Credit for prior learning and experience
  • Twenty five years experience of successful distance learning in GIS
  • Realistic fees with easy payment methods
  • Registration annually in September

Further details of the UNIGIS Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MSc: the course timetable and calendar, the course units, study materials, assessment and exemptions, hardware and software requirements, optional workshops, staff and students, and how to apply can be found under the Our Courses section.