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When do the courses start?
How long does the courses last?
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The Certificate, Diploma and MSc courses start in September each year, with the academic year running from September through to the end of June.


The Postgraduate Certificate consists of three taught units. The Postgraduate Diploma is available after completing six units. The MSc degree is available if you choose to complete a research project and dissertation after having obtained your Diploma.


The target completion period for the Diploma is two years and for the MSc three years. If your circumstances change or your studies are interrupted, you can be allowed up to five years to complete your programme.


You will need to allocate around 1200 hours of study to the Diploma course and about 600 hours for the MSc dissertation. Distance learning, however, means that you manage your own time so you can allocate study times to suit yourself. You may find you have a couple of weeks when you can work full time on the course, then several weeks where it is difficult to fit in any work.


Course Calendar

Year 1: 


Early-mid September   Induction Meeting (attendance optional)


September - DecemberCommon Core Unit : Foundations of GIS
January - AprilCommon Core Unit : Spatial Data Infrastructures
April - JulyCommon Core Unit: Databases


Assessment Board for PgC GIS


Year 2:


September - December

Common Core Unit: Methods in GIS

January - April

Elective and Core Units

April - July

Elective and Core Units


Assessment Board for PgD (Named Award)

Year 3:


Research MSc Project and Dissertation


Assessment Board for MSc (Named Award)